TittleTattle365 is a satiric news site dedicated to the proposition that it is the obligation of all citizens to poke fun at the powerful, the self-important, and the self-righteous, regardless of their politics, popularity, or fashion sense. We, not they, are the people and we are united by far more than we may want to admit.

While we might disagree on the means, most of us would agree on the ends.  We all want hard, honest work to be rewarded, an opportunity to get ahead, our kids to be safe, healthy and educated, breathable air and drinkable water, not to be bankrupted if we get sick, to be able to walk our streets in safety, to have our dignity respected, and to be able to love and live as we please with as little government say-so as possible.  The more we are divided, the more power we give up.  United we stand, for real.

Power to the people, baby.

Meet TittleTattle365’s People (or in this case, person)


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