trump.pngWASHINGTON DC.  Doctors here treated Donald Trump today for a blame-related wrist injury.  “He sprained his wrist by making a series rapid pivots between blaming Jeff Sessions for everything related to Russia, and John McCain for highlighting the importance of healthcare.” commented his physician. “Even the best sometimes overdoes it.”

“Showboat McCain a work again.” tweeted the President. “First he gets himself captured and tortured to gain attention, and now this cancer thing. It’s so unfair to me.”

Trump and his Senate allies had counted on Americans being too busy binge-watching the latest Game of Thrones season to care about losing their healthcare coverage.  But when FoxNews decided to bump front page stories of female teacher sex offenders to cover McCain, Trump knew the jig was up.

Doctors released the President while mandating two weeks of rest before he can blame again.  “We told him he can shift responsibility, but only if it requires minimal lifting.” said his doctor.  “He can pass the buck, but only paper, no coins.”


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