sat.pngNEW YORK, NY.  The College Board, administrators of the college entrance exam, the SAT, has added the option “Any of the above” to all its questions.  “Whose really to say?” commented a spokesperson for the non-profit organization.

Each year, millions of high school students sweat over the SAT’s, a good score on which is a requirement for acceptance to many of the country’s top colleges.  In the past, experts could easily agree on which answer was right, but in the new Post-Truth Era of alternative facts and fake news, this concession seems inevitable.  “We need to keep up with the times.” said the spokesperson.

In addition to “Any of the above”, the Board is adding two other options to every question, “Some of the above”, and “None of the above”.  “None of the above is obviously a trick question, and we’ll be coaching our students to avoid falling into that trap.” said a test coach for an SAT prep company.

Experts trace the beginning of the Post-Truth Era to the game show Family Feud.  Unlike other game shows where contestants need to get answers correct to win, Family Feud contestants have to know what other people think is the right answer to win.  “Donald Trump was a huge fan.” says the shows producer.


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