LIES.pngNEW YORK, NY.  The Sunday edition of the NY Times featured a list of all of Donald Trump’s lies since taking office, causing environmentalists to protest the loss of millions of acres of virgin forest.  “Did they really have to publish them all?” bemoaned a noted environmentalist.

A deeper analysis of the pattern of lies paints a subtler picture, though, the story of a man learning and growing in office, beginning to lie with the maturity, honesty and discipline expected of a president.  “During May and June, two entire weeks contain no lies.” said Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

slaves.png“President’s lie, no news here.” said a noted historian.  “Franklin Piece forestalled the start of the Civil War for years by telling voters in northern states that slavery had been abolished, and that former slaves had been given concession rights at a series of newly constructed theme parks and U-Stor-It complexes.”  Pierce’s genius lay in accompanying the lie with a set of compelling illustrations, adding visual proof that swayed skeptical abolitionists.
Photo Credit
The New York Times



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