A Note to My Faithful Readers

TittleTattle365 will not publish on days when there is a terrorist attack or on a day like today, when our congressional representatives are made target practice of by madmen.

I started TittleTattle365 because I hoped that through humor (fair and unbiased — everyone gets picked on) we could find away to connect with people we might never meet and likely disagree with, and maybe, just maybe, find some common ground.  It’s working magically on FaceBook, where these posts are reaching thousands and generating lots of conversation.

If we don’t talk, if we don’t band together against the powerful, the entitled, and the self-righteous, no matter which end of the political spectrum, then we cease to be we the people. An attack like today’s is an outrage no matter what you believe or who you voted for. This was as much an attack on our way of life as is Russian meddling in our elections. Back tomorrow, hopefully.

E Pluribus Unum — out of many, one. Power to the people, baby.

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