walmartBENTONVILLE, AR.  Moving to capitalize on a fast-growing trend, marketers are vying aggressively for product placement opportunities in authentic racist rant videos. “Ads on hate-oriented sites just can’t replicate the passion of true racists.” said one marketer. “Authenticism rules.”

sessionsLesser known brands are taking an inexpensive approach, hoping for random exposure by placing their products eye-high on shelves in Racist Concentration Zones – known in the trade as RCZs.

Some prominent apparel marketers, though, have contracted with established ranters to wear their branded goods, like the cap Jeff Sessions sported to his confirmation hearings, a piece from the InvankaWear Nostalgia Collection.

“IvanakaWear has expanded its line to include the sort of casual wear favored by racists everywhere.” shilled KellyAnne Conway. “Light polyester knits and wraps, for instance, perfect for a picnic, parade, or an evening cross enflamement!”

Countering critics who argue that sponsorships will increase racist behavior, advocates contend that most people who watch rant videos are not themselves racist.  This activity has been named ‘Ironic Snowflake Voyeurism’ by sociologists. “People practicing ISV look for validation of their own tolerance by exposing themselves to behavior that revolts them, all the while keeping a sharp eye out for the next trend in ironic fashion statements.” said a marketer.


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