russiansWASHINGTON DC.  News broke today that Donald Trump inadvertently shared sensitive intelligence with Russian officials during a spirited round of charades in the Oval Office.  “The category was movies, and Trump got the movie “Snakes on a Plane”.  Things sorta got away from us.” said Henry Kissinger, who was in the Oval Office at the time.

Details are sketchy, but apparently growing short on time, and with the Russian team tied with team Trump and Kissinger, Trump kicked into high gear, acting out complicated ideas in a flash of inspiration.

Snakes on a Plane was a bomb…bomb!  Sounds like ISIS…crisis!  Leaping off his desk with his arms extended…a crisis on a plane!  Pointed to his laptop….didn’t really get that one.” said Kissinger.  With Kissinger yelling answers, the Russians put together the entirety of U.S. intelligence on an ISIS plot to put bombs inside laptops to sneak them onto planes.  “Go figure!” chuckled Kissinger.

kissingerRemarkably, Kissinger was able to guess the movie, managing to somehow link snakes to laptops, and he and Trump claimed victory.  Kissinger was in the Oval Office to blast Obamacare after his head was mistakenly attached to Danny DeVito’s body during a botched surgery. “‘I’m thinking DeVito’s showbiz background helped me.” said Kissinger.  Upon learning of Kissinger’s secret edge, the Russians files a protest with the UN, the governing body on global charades.  Hearings are expected in 47 weeks.

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