travel.pngPYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA.  Anxious to claim ownership of the booming idiot travel market, U.S. travel websites are battling for reviews from tourists visiting North Korea. “We have ton of reviews from North Korea already.” said a proud marketing exec for a major travel site.  However, with 5,354,343 reviews, a five-star rating, and comments like “the pool is a cesspool of evil”, reviews for hotels like the Dear Leader Inn and Suites are making even idiots skeptical. “There is a language issue at times.” admitted the executive. “So we’re pursuing reviews from American tourists.

The market of idiot travelers is far larger than its more celebrated cousin, the adventure travel market.  “Idiots who travel to places like North Korea are at the cutting edge of the market.” said the exec. “Less glamorous though far more lucrative is the pool of idiots who travel to war zones, disease-infected regions, and Chicago’s South Side.”

On another international travel front, travel website leadership breathed easier today after France’s presidential election, despite Hillary Clinton’s poor showing there. Clinton lost her second presidential race in less than a year, finishing a distant third to winner Emmanuel Macron and runner up, Marine Le Pen.

“There are so many to blame.” said Clinton. “I blame my staff for neglecting to tell me that the French prefer their own language, and the French for not putting in the time to get to know the real me, and of course, Russian meddling.  But mostly, I blame an obvious and pronounced bias against older women.”

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