fdpalin.pngWASHINGTON DC.  Gadfly conservative Sarah Palin showed up at the White House for dinner Thursday night with two surprise guests, Kid Rock and Frederick Douglass.  “Look who came for dinner!” beamed Trump.  President Trump faced criticism during Black History Month when he said he had been speaking to Douglass about why only six black people voted for him in November.  Douglass, long thought dead, pointed out to Trump that in Red States, only six black people were allowed to vote.  “I guess I did good.” said Trump.

White House records show that the dinner itself was two hours late, as Trump and his guests wandered the White House in search of the dining room.  “I got directions from the Navy.” explained Trump.  The group ended up in the White House game room, where the guests posed with the staff dart board.  Picture were taken and much fun ensued until Mike Pence broke things up, saying that he and the President of Uruguay had eaten all the breadsticks and were bored ordering bomb strikes on nations no one cares about.

During dinner, Kid Rock gave Trump a history lesson on Chinese-North Korean relations.  “After listening to him for ten minutes, I realized that Xi had it all wrong.” said Trump, who later reversed policies that research indicates never existed in the first place.  Kid Rock later admitted that he thought the conversation was about Chinese food and Bo Diddley, and was wondering why the mood at the table grew so tense.  “That explains it.” said Rock.




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