pencedragged.pngPALM BEACH, FLORIDA.  Conflicts among President Trump’s inner circle spilled into public view today when Vice-President Mike Pence was recorded being forcibly dragged on to AirForce One. “Pence was screaming ‘No more rallies’.” said a witness.  During the mayhem, Jared Kushner discovered that Steve Bannon had wedged himself into an overhead bin hoping to catch a free flight back from Mar-A-Lago.  When Kushner insisted instead that Bannon stuff himself under a seat to make room for carry-on luggage, another scuffle ensued.

Pence’s erratic behavior is well documented. His concern over the destruction of his reputation first became apparent when he was caught trying to break out of the White House two weeks ago.  Pence has had trouble fitting into the Administration.  He first complained that his conversations with Russian intelligence weren’t wiretapped.  Later, Pence tried to change his straight-man image by donning leather and cruising for chicks.

While Pence has been trying to break free, Steve Bannon has found himself suddenly on the outs with an administration he once dominated.  Originally feared by the left as the ideological power behind the throne, Bannon was unceremoniously dumped from his position on the National Security Council. Over the weekend, Bannon discovered that his room at Mar-A-Lago had been usurped for a top-secret meeting about the missile attack on Syria.

President Trump has insisted that Bannon and Kushner mend their rift but, during the flight home, Kushner repeatedly rested his feet on Bannon.  “I could have lived with it,” commented Bannon from under a seat, “but then he took off his shoes.  That’s where I draw the line.”

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