marlagoroom.pngPALM BEACH, FL.  Senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon was startled to find the President and his cronies partying in his Mar-A-Lago room Thursday night. “All I could think was, wtf!” laughed Bannon. President Trump and his team decided on Bannon’s room for security reasons after figuring that no one would suspect after his demotion this week. The room was further secured by the strategic taping of paper over the eyehole and by stationing Russian intelligence at the door.

The team had to scramble to find secure quarters after the president reversed himself and decided he that he was in the mood for charades after all since hitting it off at dinner with President Xi Of China. Xi had the crowd roaring when his rendition of man-trying-to-open-a-pop-top-with-his-top-teeth was mistaken for the movie Deep Throat.

Bannon proved the gracious host, but later complained the his linens had been soiled and stuffed into his guest robe.  He was given free internet and an autographed recording of the President mock-ordering a nuclear attack. “The good times never stop.” said Bannon.

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