WASHINGTON DC.  Activists descended on Washington today to protest new seating prototypes for Republican town hall meetings, and possibly public transport.  “First, what about equal seating for female genitalia?” said a noted activist.  The new seating was described in marketing materials as an homage to white males, the core of the administration’s base.  “I can tell you one thing,” said an experienced subway rider, “that ain’t no homage to the white man.”

Republicans were hammered this winter at town hall meetings by voters upset at the potential loss of healthcare benefits.  When Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation failed (causing President Trump to consider a new hobby, governance) marketers pounced on the opportunity, developing a series of products and services designed to return meetings to order.

Advocates for quiet, respectful meetings hailed the effort as a masterpiece of subtlety and refinement. “It’s hard to hold up signs and conduct rhythmic chants while squirming,” said one.  In a related development, manufacturers of female love dolls are creating reverse molds to fit over the seats.  “Not going to go into details, but let’s say we had a natural fit.” commented a manufacturer.  Meanwhile, Tea Party leaders are confident that a lawsuit for infringement on their voter anger patent will be upheld, ending the noisy counter protests.

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