ryanWASHINGTON DC.  House Majority Leader Paul Ryan laughed off the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of 24 million uninsured in ten years under the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill as fanciful accounting since most of those people will be dead long before a decade passes.  “Our bill will kill millions and save billions” riffed Ryan, “Let the good times roll!”

The benefits of killing off millions of Americans just starts at cost savings to the government, according to experts.  “With so many dead, millions of jobs will be available, the housing supply will soar, and all those gmail accounts will be up for grabs.” said an economic advisor, “This is a game-changer.”

Democrats, initially opposed to the bill, are feeling the tug of millions of dead voters.  Studies have shown that the dead overwhelmingly vote Democratic, though in the last election the dead went for Trump despite pre-election day forecasts.

Ryan is counting on Democratic support for this bill, as it lays the cornerstone for the entire GOP agenda.  “We believe that unwanted, unhealthy and uneducated babies are the key to American prosperity,” triumphed Ryan, “And keeping healthcare available yet unaffordable for working class moms and dads is critical to our plan.”

Photo Credit
Gage Skidmore

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