townhallA lawsuit filed in federal court today claims that liberals are infringing on a “voter anger” patent granted the Tea Party in 2007.  The patent covers, “certain expressive methods including eye-rolling while shaking the head, pointing, rhythmic chanting, spittle spray, and the use of sly metaphors to express hostility.”

While media coverage of recent Republican town hall meetings seems to support Tea Party claims, liberals are quick to counter.  “Trump is right, those protestors aren’t really liberals. They are out-of-work Tea Party members we hired to protest in our place,” said a liberal leader, “I mean, c’mon, how many liberals own baseball caps?”  Donald Trump and others have claimed that protestors showing up at recent town hall meetings are paid surrogates, a claim that is now substantiated.

In a surprise twist, aging pop supergroup ABBA was named in the suit.  ABBA burst back into public attention when they were freed along with millions of IKEA wrenches in the smashing of a Swedish terrorist ring.   ABBA denies that they asked the Tea Party to be named in the suit as a cheap ploy to restart their career.  “Nothing says anger like Dancing Queen,” claimed a representative for the group.

Photo Credit
Outside the Beltway

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