conwayWASHINGTON DC.  Hoping to cash in on the Trump gravy train while the getting’s good, Kellyanne Conway launched her own fashion line, Alternative Slacks on the Home Shopping Network today.  “I guess I’m pro-choice after all,” giggled Conway.

Conway’s introduction overshadowed news that Nordstrom is picking up ObamaWear – Barrack Obama’s new clothing line – to replace Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, dropped yesterday by the retail giant.  Congress acted quickly, voting to repeal ObamaWear, leaving over 20 million Americans without coverage, literally.  “Some people might consider cutting back on the Cheetos, and maybe getting a little more sun” offered a buff Mike Pence, referring to Congress’s move replacing ObamaCare with better lighting and free visits to tanning salons.

Meanwhile, no one has yet taken credit for listing nights on AirForce One on AirBNB, though fingers are pointing to Eric Trump, who recently noted that the plane just sits empty most of the time.  “Hey, I’m a businessman,” smirked Trump.

Photo Credit
Gary Skidmore

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