judgejudyHollywood, CA.  Reality star Judge Judy, best known for her no-nonsense mock courtroom, overturned Donald Trump’s election today, saying “Enough already.”  The diminutive powerhouse also banished Democrats from her court, and suggested that the right role for Hillary Clinton would be as a permanent guest on The Biggest Loser.

“Works for me,” said former President Barrack Obama.  “I wanted her to replace me on The Apprentice,” said a relaxed Donald Trump, “This is even better.” Howard Stern was recently quoted saying that Trump is mad that he won, and that policies designed to punish his supporters – like ending consumer financial protections and taking away their healthcare – have made him even more popular.  “What do I have to do to these people?” questioned Trump.

As Empress, Judge Judy wasted no time unifying her divided land, “First, on the immigration thing, is anyone actually in favor of illegal immigration?  No?  Good.  On the economy, anyone really want tons of excessive regulations that make America uncompetitive and keep people out of work?  No? Good. On schools, anyone ready to rally behind keeping students trapped in failing schools?  No?  Good.  Now that we have the madman and the loser out of the way, we can get to the real work..”

Photo Credit
Terry Ballard

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