268148517_9478ac0567_bBerkeley, CA.  Controversial hate mime and right-wing editor, Milos Yiannopoulos, was attacked last night during protests over his visit to UC Berkeley.  Yiannopoulos burst to fame when he incited other mimes to harass Ghost Busters star Leslie Jones by endlessly performing the “trapped in a glass box” illusion in front of her apartment.

Yiannopoulos pioneered the use of hate mime in the U.S.  A form of hate speech, hate mime translates racist and controversial ideas into routines that people enjoy without realizing they are actually hating.  His most infamous routine, “White People Are Superior Because They Lift Heavy Invisible Weights,” caused a riot last year at an Ohio campus.

Following the tragedy, UC Berkeley took dramatic steps to prevent a recurrence. “In addition to banning mime, we have decided to ban the use of all words,” intoned a college spokesperson, “except for of course prepositions, harmless little things.”  Rather than words, people on campus will use shadow puppetry to communicate, following the lead of the Trump administration, which adopted the technique as a security measure.

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