Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Jan 29, 2017.  Saudi Arabia demanded today to be added to the Trump Administration’s immigration ban.  “Yemen is on the list!  How many Americans have Yemeni killed? I’ll tell you…a big, fat zero.” argued King Salman of Saudi Arabia. “Actually, a Yemeni did kill one guy,” smoothed Reince Priebus, “but no one liked him anyway, so we officially count it as zero.”

Saudi Arabia citizens perpetrated the 9/11 attacks in which 2,996 Americans perished, making them an obvious candidate for a ban whose purpose is to protect Americans from terrorism. “Saudi Arabia already played their hand,” continued Priebus, “we have much more to fear from places like Yemen, and even more so Somalia, with their vast fleet of pirates.”

Many argue though that Saudi Arabia is actually a victim of anti-anti Muslim bias.  Bending over backwards to establish that the ban was not anti-Muslim, the Trump administration left Saudi Arabia off the list as a goodwill gesture to billions of Muslims, and to seventeen billionaires with massive oil holdings. “Anti-anti muslim bias, plain and simple,” argued ACLU lawyers, “We’ll see you in court, Mr. Trump.”

Photo Credit
Global Panorama

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