31640837743_ba56f8fc9e_zWashington DC, Jan 22, 2017. Donald Trump’s ego and women angry over pretty much everything about him agreed today to a historic partnership to supply power to the northeastern United States. “Once his libido was out of the picture, we felt we had a partner we could work with,” said Michelle Obama, speaking for all women except a few in suburban Rochester who held out for Sally Struthers as their spokesperson.

To generate power, Donald Trump and participating women will wear special, strategically placed mini suction-cups to capture the energy they emanate. Trump’s equipment has been fitted with a capacitor to moderate ego surges while he is tweeting.

To help women sustain a state of constant anger, men have been encouraged to keep their partners agitated.  Phrases like, “I heard everything you said,” and “I was watching, I wasn’t asleep,” have been suggested good starting points.

“This is an unexpected, but welcome outcome,” said Green Party leader Jill Stein.  Stein generated headlines this election when it turned out after a special recount that Bill Clinton had voted for her rather than Hillary.  “Politics makes strange bedfellows has never been more true, literally.”

Photo Credit
Liz Lemon


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